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The proposed Lusby Area Municipality named Calvert Shores is located on the Chesapeake Bay approximately 65 miles Southeast of Washington DC and approximately 80 miles South of Baltimore. This web site provides information about what constitutes a municipality, the proceess we will need to go through to make it happen and the tasks/timeline/committees involved in making it happen.

We are...A community of Southern Maryland residents living in Calvert County

Our vision: To have a vibrant and sustainable residential community providing a better quality of life to its residents

Our mission: To provide residential, commercial, governmental,and recreational services at the lowest possible cost to its residents.

Our goals are to serve the community by:
..Providing services (public safety, administrative, etc.)
..Promoting community events and activities
..Promoting affordable housing
..Supporting our commercial businesses
..Maintaining recreational amenities

At the POACRE membership meeting on Saturday, October 21st, 2017, the Municipality Organizing Committee provided a wrap-up brief on the effort to incorporate the municipality of Calvert Shores. In August the BOCC voted against allowing a referendum vote on the municipality issue, thus denying local citizens the right to decide for themselves whether or not they wanted a municipality. Click here to see the wrap-up brief which discussed the BOCC's reasons for denying the resolution and possible options for the future.


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