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Petition Related Documents
Sample copy of petition Signing the petition allows us to start the process with the county.
Maryland Annotated Code on Forming a Municipality

Briefs Given at Information Meetings
Information Brief given by LaPlata Mayor on Local Government September 8, 2014
Calvert Shores Background Brief given at Public Information Meeting on October 4, 2014
Petition process brief at PIC meeting Nov 3, 2014
Law Enforcement Briefing by Sheriff's Department on 5 Jan 2015
Information by La Plata Town Manager on Mar 3 2015
Information Brief on Property Management presented Apr 6 2015
Information Brief on Revenues presented May 4 2015
Status Update Brief on Municipality presented May 2, 2016

Financial Related Documents
A Document on State and Local Transportation Funding in Maryland
Potential Local Revenue Sources
Local Taxing Authority and Revenue Sources
Municipality Revenuses
Article from Calvert Times on Metropolitian Planning Organization - see last paragraph

Municipality Documents To Board of County Commissioners
Issues Report to Board of County Commissioners
Transcript from Public Meeting on February 3,2016
Proposed Charter for the Calvert Shores Municipality
Financial Impact Analysis Report for the Calvert Shores Municipality
County Staff/BOCC Decision Memorandums and Resolutions